Problem with update to 10.0.3

I am on 10.0.2 right now and got the message that a new version is available. I tried the updater, but it gave me this error:

Client error response [url] http://localhost/index.php/occ/config:list [status code] 404 [reason phrase] Not Found

Downloaded the new version but since I do not have acces to the server via command line I wonder how I can manually upgrade? Can someone help please?

If you don't have access to command line you won't be able to execute the commands. So I don't see a way. You could ask the support or the admins where you have your server hosted.

But it should work if he is just doing an manual update without the updater app or am i wrong? On smaller installations the occ upgrade is (AFAIK) not a hard requirement?

But if he has absolutely no access to the server other than via web interface, I doubt he can perform a manual upgrade. I could be wrong ofc

I have an ftp account so I can upload stuff to the server, but afaik no ssh... I'd love ot understand why the updater app fails to update though...