Problem with vmware image and desktop software synchronize 404 not found https: //ip/remote.php/webdav/

Good day,

I downloaded and set up the latest onecloud software for VM Ware (

So far, this works quite well. Now I wanted to synchronize my Windows PC with this server. But whenever I enter my username and password, the desktop software (ownCloud- says

404 not found https: //ip/remote.php/webdav/

What do I have to do so that it works properly?

Thanks for any help.

What exactly did you enter in the field for the server URL?





I only entered the IP when logging in. This morning I tried But I get the same mistake.
What can I do?

Thank you

I’m not too familiar with UCS yet, but I think you might have to point your client to https://ip/owncloud.

Additionally, make sure the IP you’re using is not dynamically assigned via DHCP. At least configure your DHCP server to reassign this IP to the mac address of your UCS server (this might be called lease, reservation or something else, depending on your DHCP server). Otherwise you can assign a static IP to your UCS outside the DHCP range.

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that was correct only the input of the ip is not correct. I have now entered and everything is going as it should. Thank you so mutch.