Problem with Windows update 2.5.4

I’m running Windows desktop client 2.4.2 (10040) on my Windows 7 (fully updated) Notebook.
While starting the desktop client a message about the 2.5.4 update pops up.

Unfortunately the only available options within the corresponding windows installer are “Modify/Repair/Delete” but not “install”. Therefore I tried “Modify” and “repair” but after restart the client always shows version 2.4.2 with an additional update information that I’m running the latest version.

Any idea what’s going on here ?

Thanks in advance,

Your 2.4.2 (10040) client is a strange beast.
Clients before 2.4.3 should first update to
which is the one that does the migration from exe format to msi format.
As soon as this one runs, it should pick up

That is how the online updater is configured. Maybe that 2.4.2 explicitly asks for the msi package directly…?

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sorry for my late response!

I did an upgrade to 2.4.3 that worked so far but now this version is checking the update server since three days :woozy_face:

Hope it’ll work someday…