Problems to sync folders

Expected behaviour

I want to sync folders from my PC just by right cliking on them and clicking on Owncloud --> share folder.
This option does not show. (image below to illustrate).

Second thing is: Is it actually possible to have just the folders you want to sync on your pc selected and everytime a change occurs to a file it automatically uploads? was that an insanely long question?

Actual behaviour

I set the server folders to sync in the connection to a new account, and Owncloud desktop client creates a folder but ONLY the contents of that folder become sync with server (I think that is supossed to happen).

Server configuration

Operating system: Debian stretch

Web server: apache2

Database: MySQL/Maria DB

PHP version: 7

ownCloud version: 10

Storage backend (external storage):

Client configuration

Client version: 2.5.1 (build 10807)

Operating system: windows 10 Pro

OS language: Spanish

i didn’t understand what you exactly meant ,but everything you put in sync-folder should be synchronized ( max 30 seconds). and the menu you are talking about ,it is for sharing and for the new feature “Virtual-files” ,it’s still experimental but it is a very good feature .

regarding second question , you can select the folders you want to sync so :

just click on the three points and menu will be shown and then you can check the folders ,that you want to be synchronized
before i forget ,if you want to force sync you can do it over this menu as well

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@ManuelL67339081Here you can find some hints how to debug the broken Explorer integration:
(Right-click menu missing, overlay icons missing)

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Yes, I understand I can sync whatever you put inside sync-folder, but I would like to make other folders “sync-folders”, but I mean, a lot of them. So I was looking for an option like “sync with owncloud” or similar.

Can you simply add folders to be synced without having to copy/paste them into owncloud folder?

The only way I know to do this is clicking on the client on “Add Folder Sync Connection”, and you select the folder you want to sync, but the icon changes, a quick acess gets created and a bunch of owncloud files are created into that folder you just added to “folder sync connection”.

All of that does not look good, so I would like to know if I am missing something or it is just the way it is and I have to stick to it.

Using “Add Folder Sync Connection” would have been my recommendation. You can sync many folders from different locations of your local machine, to different folders in your account on the ownCloud server.

It creates the ownCloud files to track the sync status of this Folder Sync Connection. This is a technical requirement.

Could could you elaborate what else you don’t like about this approach? Why does it not look good for you?


you don’t need to copy/paste , recommendation from @michaelstingl is :+1:
or you can simply create new folder ,where you want ,then move all ,what you want into this new-created folder after that you can create a second account with the same credentials but with another sync folder .
so you can put all files together though you sync over 2 folders .
if you have good ideas or you find a bug ,you are welcome on Github then make please a new issue


Yes I finally did what michaelstingl says.

I used “Add Folder Sync Connection” to create a folder in the server with the same name as the folder I have in my PC, and all the contents of the local folder are now sync with the server.

Thank you for the possibility of feedback on github.

Thank you again.