Problems with belated upgrade 8.0.12 -> 8.1.12

I’m a bit behind with my owncloud updates … mostly because of pain I’ve had with past upgrades. I’ve now started updating with the aim of doing one version a day. I’ve hit a problem on the first upgrade from 8.0.12 -> 8.1.12.

I’ve fixed the problem from being replaced with

I now have 2 critical apps missing: calendar, contacts.

Am I safe just copying these to the new software folder from the old folder, or do I need to find and download these from somewhere … and if so, where?

Thanks for any advice

The calendar and contacts data is stored in the database. Just continue with upgrading - you can get the apps afterwards from the market place.
I’ve written a more detailed post about this here: Upgrade from OC7 to OC10
I’d take care of a backup before upgrading. Calendar and Addressbook data can be backed up with calcardbackup