Problems with nested LDAP-groups in Owncloud



I would like to use nested groups in Owncloud v9 and activated the specific checkbox. To have not all available AD-Groups shown in Owncloud i have limited the groups in "Advanced\Directory Settings\Base Group Tree" to a special Organizational Unit containing only Owncloud-Groups.
My problem is now, that nested groups is not working, because the sub-groups reffered in the groups inside "Base Group Tree" are not Part of the same "AD-Organizational Unit".
So how is it possible, to use nested groups in Owncloud without having all main-groups and nested groups visible in Owncloud?

I think it is only a configuration issue...isn't it?

Thanks for any help


Hm, I am not sure if I understand your problem correctly. "Base Group Tree" tab is responsible for finding all the groups in your ldap configuration. The "owncloud groups" is only a filter. In Base Group Tree you have to specify general namespace for all your groups in LDAP, and filter with do the rest. That should work. Nested groups is something different.



Have you found any "solution" to this issue. I undestand you "problem" as I am in the same situation right now. It's not manageable to see all the groups in order to be able to use nested groups.

But perhaps I'm totally misleaded and am making a problem out of nowhere. I want to be able to include a user in a group (AnyGroup) and then this group into another group (OCGroup). I just want to see OCGroup in the user management page but I want to see the users into AnyGroup (nested group) as members of OCGroup (as it would be in AD). Is it possible?