Project idea for GSoC 2017


I'm Prakhar,undergraduate student from India.I would like to participate in GSoC 2017.

As a project,I would like to build browser extensions for owncloud browser integration which i found at

I've also started learning how to create chrome extensions.My first created extension is here.


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Can you please describe a bit on what the extension should do and how it can look like?

The original project idea is rather simplistic :wink:


It would certainly do things suggested in original idea:

1)uploading files to owncloud.
2)News app.
3)Music player app.

As of now,I can think of these ideas and would be happy to include suggestions.

I've also started creating extensions,my first Chrome extension is here.Currently,I'm trying to create Firefox extension and reading how to upload files through extensions.


Hi, I made basic layout for extensions discussed in above project idea:

1)Uploading files to owncloud:
On activation of extension,user will be able to right-click on images and files, and select option "download to owncloud" and files will be automatically downloaded to their owncloud storage.

2)News app:
The icon for extension would be similar to gmail checker indicating number of unread stories.and when user would click on icon,popup will be displayed containing list of news stories with buttons to share on social media and when user clicks on news headline ,they would be taken to original news page.Layout will be like this one here.

3)Music Player app:
Clicking the icon would display list of playlist of songs.from where user can pickup to chose play any song they wish with common buttons like pause,play in loop,and skip to next one or going back to previous one.Layout is shown here.

Please give your suggestions for making this idea more better.


@DeepDiver1975 @PVince81 Can you review my project idea for GSoC . Please suggest any changes.


I'd love to see some more focus on the files piece. Maybe you can add some more actions around this - e.g.:

  • 'Save file to my ownCloud":Upload any linked file from an web page (image, video) and optionally display a folder select dialog to the user.
  • 'Share file via my ownCloud": upload the file and show share dialog with all features: share by link, share by link and send via email and so on, share with group/user ......

Another idea would be to use the ownCloud notification mechanism to display notifications to the user in the browser.

@felixheidecke any input in this area from an UX point of view? THX


Hi, I have prepared a project proposal based on above discussion where i have included points suggested in the above post.

Please review and suggest changes.Also announce the name of possible mentor if possible.

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