Providing Default Files

Hello people,

I would like to achieve this ->

But I cannot find the folder: owncloud/core/skeleton where he is under the Owncloud appliance for vmware ?

Thank you

I advance a little bit in my problem, I have done a search for the skeleton folder and here the result ->

So which one is the good one ??

Are you using the 10.0 (Univention) appliance?

Hi @hodyroff I use the 10.0.2

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This path not exist.

I think the Univention release use the Docker system and acting like a VM container (like seen on my previous screenshot) but I don't understand how work those folders.

Personally i'm always having a look at the manual of the software i'm using. Maybe the docker manual helps you how to work with docker containsers and modify files within it.

This should help:
Univention-app Shell owncloud

Let us know if this works and we will make sure its added to the documentation here:

You don't see the folder "owncloud" because you are on the host system, the UCS, but owncloud is running inside the docker container.

With the command provided by @hodyroff you get inside the container.

You can also use docker ps and docker exec <container_ID> /bin/bash