Proxy-auth. Possible?


I just finished setting up my OwnCloud instance (docker) and put it behind my reverse proxy (nginx) as a subdomain (

For many of the services i use in my reverse proxy i’m able to use the proxy authentication feature (using the Remote-User header) to autologin once i’ve logged onto the main page (authelia).

I wanted to do this with owncloud, but i cannot find the documentation for it, nor any relevant forum posts anywhere. Perhaps i’m not searching for the correct terms.

Does anyone know if this is possible and how to configure it?

ownCloud supports SAML2 and OIDC for SSO. SAML2 is an enterprise feature, but OIDC is publicly available:

However it seems that authelia doesn’t support OIDC yet:

Not sure how this additional header would work for authentication, just note that ownCloud does NOT work with HTTP basic auth, is it is using it for some internal functions already.

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Not sure how this additional header would work for authentication

These users pass the credentials of the already logged in user to the authentication section of the app at a server level.
An example of an implementation of this (

Thanks for the clarification though :slight_smile: