PSA: Let's Encrypt Apache script can "break" Owncloud with SSL


I have been banging my head against an issue where I could use 9.1.0 with HTTP but not HTTPS with my new Let's Encrypt cert. After some testing it seemed like mod_rewrite wasn't working and I was getting a 404 error any time I tried to use SSL.
I finally gave up and was getting configs together to do a bug report and noticed the Include LE injects in my SSL virtual included:

AcceptPathInfo Off

tucked in with the other settings - it prevents URL path stuff after the /index.php so things like /index.php/login returns a 404. Ouch!
Fixed now, but my I thought I shoud share in case others had similar symptoms.



thanks for posting this. Had noticed the same some time ago and LE fixed that. Are they now adding that again or is this an older config you have used?