Publishing Outlook calendar to OwnCloud using WebDAV

I'm in a fairly protected professional environnement and I'm trying to publish my work calendar to OwnCloud using "Publish to WebDAV" option of Outlook 2013. I have ensured that OwnCloud is reachable through HTTPS from my Outlook machine and I can log into account from a browser (my OwnCloud is reachable through type of URL).
But I cant seem to find a proper way to enter OC credentials in the Windows 7 security dialog to go through…

Has anybody already achieved that ? if yes, how ?

Thanks in advance for any advice

If you are allowed to install plugins, you could have a look at this.

Thanks for suggestion.

But as I wrote in original post, my professional environnement is pretty locked up :grimacing: and no I cannot install any plugin to Outlook. I'm stuck with some basic option such as "Publish to WebDAV..."

Well, but this is a one-way street.

And outlook is unable to directly upload into an owncloud calendar. With the function you mentioned, you just can upload to a .ics file, that you can share with others.

EDIT: This doesn't really work here. Outlook creates an initial ics file on owncloud, but without any VEVENTs inside.

Thanks for feedback :thumbsup:

It used to work with a free service on But that doesn't seem to maintained anymore :unamused:
Beside I was continuously having problems with recurrent events. I also would rather prefer to have my work agenda going to my own server than somewhere else…

I'm surprised I'm the only one in this situation :no_mouth:

Hi shakenmilk, I have exact the same problem. Did you find a solution in the meanwhile?

best regards

Unfortunately not :confused:
Haven’t got any feedback or tips which are really helpful. I keep looking around every now and then though…