QCOW2 Appliance: BIND is not querying the configured nameservers


Steps to reproduce

  1. Install the latest UCS qcow2 appliance on qemu-kvm 1:3.1+dfsg-8+deb10u4. (qemu version is not important)
  2. Setup to use / as name servers.
  3. Setup email to use smtp server on local network. (This triggers DNS issues)

I am trying to post to this forum but I am getting the following error.
An error occurred: Sorry, you can’t include links in your posts.

So I am including the details in a gist.
gist . github . com/lcordier/8f764f327ad3d3b261fb7b0ed2b59ccb


i’m not sure but i think that the ownCloud community can’t give support for other non-ownCloud services like BIND running on the UCS appliance :frowning_face:

If there is no one able to help here then i think you maybe need to ask for support in the Univention help forums available at https://help.univention.com/

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