Query Builder documentation missing

The developer documentation mentions at several locations:

Always use the Query Builder.

But where is the meat? I couldn’t find any pages describing where to find and how to use it.

Even the tutorial for app development is lacking this. Why is there at least not any tiny example if you recommend (or expect) to use it?

Searching the forum gives one single hit from 2017. This might help, but real documenting such an important tool should not be missing.

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This refers to the Doctrine DBAL, a basic reference can be found at SQL Query Builder - Doctrine Database Abstraction Layer (DBAL). According to composer.json ownCloud is using doctrine/dbal": "^2.10".

When I wanted to find something not covered by this reference it helped prefixing doctrine dbal to the actual question, e.g. doctrine dbal where in which in most cases lead me to useful stackoverflow threads.

I agree, the Developer Manual could need more attention. Lately I had to search the ownCloud code for symphony hooks since they were not/poorly documented.

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@cortho, Thank you so much for your instant help! With the given information, I could go onwards.

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