Question about film compression

Hello Owncloud users,
This isn't such a thread as a bug report, and there isn't a problem, I would simply like to know how to make videos smaller.
I shoot my videos at 1280x720, and I upload them all to my OwnCloud server, but they are quite large, at around 300MB for 10 mins.
I use filmora to edit my videos, and the only options I've messed with is bitrate. So I'm exporting as a .mp4 at 1280x720 and I manged to get one video down to ~80MB, but the bitrate made the video look quite blury at its 720p.

Upload time is a very big thing for me, and I'd like to cut it down as much as possible. Do you have any ideas?

I would check out some online videos (divx etc.) which have an acceptable size/quality ratio and then check out which codec is used. Such videos often provide a surprisingly good quality even at small file size.

Check out
In Handbrake use codec libx264 and play around with crf and preset:
- crf means as much as constant quality (lower value better quality, but bigger filesize)
- preset means converting speed (slower converting speed results in smaller filesize)
As a start I'd recommend crf=23 and preset=veryfast
More explanations can be found here:
Cheers, Bernie_O