Question about storage quota

I have configured my own OCIS server with Cloudflare R2 as the backing storage. As an admin, I can see that the spaces have Unrestricted quota for each of them, but there is a shared Remaining quota number, which when added with used space is only 100 GB in total (see image). Does it mean I will not be able to store more than 100GB in combination or is it just a web frontend issue?

For context, my Docker setup include these 2 environment variables:


The remaining quota for unrestricted spaces is derived from what the storage layer reports as available disk space. In case of s3 storage that number unfortunately isn’t accurate since only the metadata of the files is stored on that disk and the actual blobs are offloaded to the object storage.

So yes, you will be able to store more than 100GB of data if your R2 accepts it, the number shown in the UI is confusing. I created The `remaining quota` for unrestricted spaces doesn't make sense in case of s3 storage · Issue #7461 · owncloud/ocis · GitHub to track this issue.

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Thanks for the reply. So far I have noticed that the Remaining Quota number increased after some time even after I uploaded more files. My guess is that OCIS removed the file from local storage after the upload to S3/R2 has completed. If that is true, the number here is not entirely useless, because I can use it to gauge how much I can upload in one go, and if I have more files than what is available on local storage then I need to chill out on the pace of upload.

Yes, I think you are right about what’s making the remaining quota number change.

Just as a side note: the need for storing uploads on the ocis machine before pushing them to S3 will go away at some point in the future.

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It would be great if the client can bypass the server and upload or download directly to S3 via signed URLs, but handling interrupted uploads will be rather challenging I suppose.