Question about Windows Owncloud sync

The noddy version is … someone ( not me ) set up a local owncloud folder that wasn’t in the right location. User has then been using both the new ( correct data location) and the current (incorrect client data location) client sync location within her mydocs folder.

The problem is the data she wants to sync is bigger than the C drive so using the mydocs location is not an option and the C drive has now filled up. I’ve removed the current sync and account and have set up the account again and pointed the client sync folder to the correct new location.

Common sense says that i can move all the data to the new Owncloud Sync folder i’ve created which i can then tell the Owncloud client to sync with the server with ‘retain local data ticked’ and it should syncrhonise the new merged client folder with the server folder and get them all up to date again.

The new sync folder in the new location is identical data structure to the server one, it’s just not talking to it yet.

Can someone confirm that this is the way the sync will behave before I click on the connect button?

Cheers for any help.


Marked as fixed - default behaviour was as suspected.