Question: "Ask before downloading folder larger than..."

This is about the desktop clients for MaCOS and Windows. Not shure if this is just a rtfm or use search question...

Expected behaviour

If I activate the option "ask before downloading folders larger than XXX" I expect to find new shared folders nevertheless in my Inbox-Folder on the desktop or at least get actively asked by the client app.
It should work like in the iOS app, where I get a sign right to the files that tells if the file is downloaded or just on the server.

Actual behaviour

If someone shares a folder or I create a new folder larger than the configured amount via another client or the WebGUI I got to open the client and enable it to get synced.
This not only makes the folder show up in my local OC sync but starts instantly the downloading process.

I got a few users that use small notebooks with small ssd's. The users share folders to each others but every time somebody shares the photos of the last family party it's either "can't see it!" or "you are filling up my computer!".

Is there just a setup thing I didn't found yet or a trick I don't know?

Thank you!

The sync client does indeed either not show a folder or sync it. If you use a WebDAV broswer you get the pure browsing behaviour, but not the sync part. We are targetting a "virtual file system" but this is rather tough to do and your help would be greatly appreciated.

So as I'm a (at best) "qualified" user, able to google my way through some command line things, I'm not shure how I could help targetting a "virtual file system".

My naive useridea was to have a way like at iOS: just find the right option switch, pay a few bucks, load an app, be happy. :blush:

You could separate the users in to work accounts and home accounts. So users can share small documents that are needed for work, but can't upload or share photos. To share or upload photos they would login on to their home accounts. The sync client on the laptops with small ssds has the work account configured and the computer at home with the large storage is configured with the home account.