[Question]-Migration to “devicemapper” to “overlay2”?

Hello all,

We use 4 Owncloud on a Centos Plesk with docker extension.
We must change ther storage from “devicemapper” to “overlay2” and we don’t know how to make it and most importantly in a secure way without losing data and if possible without there being any change for the users Owncloud.

Do you know how to made it securely?

Thanks a lot.


Better check at the docker forums, they’ll probably advice you better regarding that topic.
As far as I know, ownCloud doesn’t care much about the underlying storage.


seems i had given the same advise into a very similar topic:

It looks to me that this is even the same user with different accounts. Not sure why @hoangtaybaokiem1993 has decided to create a new account and asking the same question again. :slightly_frowning_face: