Questions about filemanagement different users

I have beginner questions about owncloud and different useraccounts.
We want to use owncloud in our school mainly with iPads.
Version of owncloud is 8.1.3
What we have done:

  1. We use Readdle documents as app to connect and exchange with the owncloud-Drive.
  2. Owncloud ist configured as a webdav-account. As admin and as group-member I can connect with owncloud without problems.
  3. Now I created a teachergroup “owncloudteacher” and a member in this group “BGSteacher”
    The same for pupils “owncloudpupils”, “BGSpupil”.
  4. Now I take 2 different ipads. The first one will be connected via webdav with the BGSteacher-account. The second one with the BGSpupil-account.

All works so far, BUT:
What I do expect is, that when I create a folder under the teacheraccount, it will not be visible for the pupilaccount and vice versa.
But I can see in all accounts all folders.

What is wrong and how can I prevent pupils to see and manipulate teacherfolders?

I hope you can help me.

Best wishes from Germany

This is a super old version. Please update to the current 10.1, then check again. If it’s still not working as expected, I’d be happy to help investigating.

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