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I would like to know if the latest version of OwnCloud does not have problems when enabling encryption, because I have seen that NextCloud has had problems with encryption since it corrupts the content of the files. Owncloud is reliable to use encryption? Has anyone found that your files were corrupted when using encryption?

What limitations have you encountered in the latest available version of OwnCloud? some feature that doesn’t work how it should?

What type of encryption does OwnCloud use to encrypt files? Is it reliable to install it on a free hosting with encryption enabled and without worrying that someone from the hosting company can access the information?


Hi @dimatt,

I would recommend you read the following white paper about encryption:

To give you a quick run down:

  1. Transport Layer encryption (HTTPS) vs Data encryption
  2. Data encryption options:
  • Master key: the key is in the file system, an admin can use it to decrypt the files
  • User key: one key per user, the key is encrypted with the user password
  • User key with recovery key: same as above, but there is an additional recovery key per user that could be used for decryption by an admin
  • End to end encryption: additional license required, only on specific folders

You can also read about the encryption app in our documentation:

Usually free hosting means shared hosting which is officially NOT supported, as you must be able to run occ commands as the web server user.

However if you are technically capable you could use local docker container on a work station (or any other type of local installation) to circumvent this issue.

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