.rar File not syncing because of being blacklisted

i have a .rar file that is not being synchronized, in activity > not synced i see that is Blaklisted

After some troubleshooting i find out that the reason is that it contain 2 files with .bat extension.

My question is : can i add an exception so it wont be blacklisted, if yes how to do so (my config.php file does not containe any blacklisted related config).

im on a fresh install owncloud server version on ubuntu

What is your desktop operating system? What’s the desktop sync client version you’re using?

My 4.0 pre-release desktop client uploads *.bat and *.rar to demo.owncloud.com without problems.

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Im using ownCloud [9724d6]
Libraries Qt 5.15.5, OpenSSL 1.1.1q 5 Jul 2022
Using virtual files plugin: wincfapi

i did try the same file on demo@owncloud.com and it synced just fine.
So i guess it’s a server related issue

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Hello, the same happens to me, it started few days ago refusing some files, now any user can’t upload any file. Only text files created from the editor seem to sync successfully. It is not a disk space issue, volume is only 26% full.
Clients are version 3.2.1 on windows, but I also tried to install the older 3.1.0, but with the same behaviour.
Server is version 10.10, updated to 10.11, then updated to 10.12, all based on official docker container, but same behaviour.

Any hint ? Thanks. Ste

UPDATE: only text files are synced, to and from the server, also uploading files from the web gui does not work, file do not appear in the directory.

UPDATE-2: it appears that very small files are synced, either text or binary, while larger ones (now 11 kB) raise an “internal server error: connection interrupted”

For me, the “Connection closed” error was due to a firewall blocking the connection

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