Raspberry PI and Dynamic IP

I am trying to build an Owncloud server with a Raspberry PI but Comcast only issues Dynamic IP's... Is there a work around for this issue?



Is there a work around for this issue?

Which issue?

Yes, a provider with fixed IPs. Or you can use a dyn-dns-provider like no-ip.com (there are others which a free of charge).

It may depend on your OS, but there are many dynamic DNS clients available such as DDClient which can work with multiple providers.

Check out duckdns.org

It's free and they have a large number of clients that work perfectly.

Most ISP's will allow you to lease a static IP for a few dollars per month extra.

I also have Comcast residential service, and while yes it's a dynamic IP, I've found that I keep the same IP for as long as my cable modem is powered on. I've had the same IP address now for many months. If/when it ever changes, I'll simply update my DNS record.

I used this guide on my RPi install:


Works great for me, doesn't need a client only a cron job to update, so saves having something else running as well.