Raspberry pi External Access owncloud

Good morning everyone, lately I’m using my raspberry pi and I installed Owncloud because it seemed to me a great product. In my local network I can do everything, edit files, upload them and so on. The problem comes when I try to connect from outside, I do not have access to the router so I opted for a VPN. The Vpn I have does not change the external ip so it should be easy to use. I wanted to ask if it is possible to use a Vpn to remotely access Owncloud, if so how should I set up my Raspberry? Thank you all for the time you will be using to help me… good day

With a properly set up VPN you should be able to access your data hosted on the RaspberryPi just like you would locally.
Any questions regarding how to set up the VPN correctly, would be something you would have to ask your VPN solution provider.

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