Re-sizing the VMDK Provisioned size

I am setting up my own home server for owncloud the VMDK file. I need to know how do i do the following please

  1. How do I resize the Provisioned Virtual Disk that is in the VMDK file (step by step please using Vsphere client)

  2. How do I change the allowed size of each account on the OC so for example if I am running a 1TB drive i can allow 2 family members 500 GB each on the cloud?

I do need step by step directions as I am at best new to this. Thank you all for your help in advance.

The Second one can be achieved with the quota setting in owncloud.

in the first picture on this site, you can see on the right site the quota is being set to each user differently. You can do the same in owncloud - admin - user tab.

so just by adjusting that setting it will allow me if wanted to use 90% of say a 2TB drive on 1 account if needed? But how do i resize that provisioned size that the VMDK comes with?

You adjust the MB / GB that the user can use. It does not work with %

ok but still have the problem of resizing that provisioned VMDK file that it is running in, the virtual hard drive

are you using windows or linux?

Installing as VMDK on Vmware

Yes, but on what OS is Vmware running?
Based on that I can tell you how to rezise the .vmdk because you have to do it outside of the VM

I installed it off of the ISO i think its Linux if i am not mistaken

okay, then you can just google how to resize the vmdk file. You have to change it with the vmware tools to vdi, resize, and then convert it back to vmdk. There are more steps, but I would just google how to do it, its a well documented issue.