Read and write to Virtual Box Shared Folder

Hello OwnCloud Community,
I have a Windows box with VirtualBox running a CentOs 7. I have installed an OwnCloud 10 instance. I'm able to share files through Internet so it looks like everything works pretty well.

I have a shared folder in the Windows host, accesible from CentOS via mount, and I can access it in /media/mysharedfolder
My question is: how can I access this folder from OwnCloud, in order to share with some users?

I need it because it is a proyect where several people need read and write files, but we want these files in our windows disk.

Thanks in advance for any guidance on this one!

Two options: You can mount it into ownCloud using external files connector. Eg via SMB. Or you enable local mounts in the config settings and use that for the admin. We have disabled that for security reasons, because many system administrators give admin rights to business users for user management, etc.


Thank you very much for your replay. I was missing one line in configuration file to enable "Local" option in External Storage: 'files_external_allow_create_new_local' => 'true',

Now I can see the storage as a folder in OwnCloud, but cannot share it from my account. In order to get other people to reach this folder, it would be by creating groups?

I think i have read somewhere in the documentation that you need to explicitly enable sharing for external storages somewhere in the admin backend GUI of ownCloud. Can't find it currently but maybe you have more luck in finding it?

Hi @tom42, no, I have no luck yet. I will post if I can find it.

Ah, i think i found it explained as "Enable Sharing" here:

Yes! Thank you @tom42, thank you very much. Now I have Owncloud running in a Virtual Machine saving files in my Windows Box.

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