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Hi all,
I currently have Wordpress 4.7.3 and Owncloud 9.0.6 and they are both running great. I use Wordpress daily as well as Owncloud. Along with Ownlcoud I have OwnNote installed and use it daily. I would like to utilize Owncloud even more. Here is what I would like to do:

Install an Office Suite - Collabora Online Development Edition or OnlyOffice in the form of and NOT
I tried installing CODE, but didn't succeed with correct url

Install a Gallery such as Lychee or Zen Photos

I really need a note replacement program for SNote. I have looked at a few. TagSpaces tried this one, maybe I'm not understanding how to use it properly. Sync issues.
Paperwork only does markdown
SimpleNote onlly does markdown
Laverna only does markdown and no android app
Turtl - I would like to see a demo of this one if anyone has one
OpenNote - uploads PDF as file which you have to download and reopen annoying
Leanote - didn't like it - don't remember why though
OwnNote - currently using, but doesn't support PDF

would really like to understand TagSpaces better. if anyone can help. it would be appreciated

This replacement will need the following:
import of PDF - no annotation necessary
search using tags, and in files (PDF)
Sync with Linux, Android, Chromebook

I have looked at it's almost what I want, is single user. I wouldn't mind a system like one of these as long as they support multi-user and wife friendly.

File backup for pictures and files. Multiuser and wife friendly. Android and chromebook.
Tonido looks good, but only single user
Owncloud - currently using and works ok. If there is anything better I'm listening.

This is a long list and a lot to ask. If anyone can help. Thanks in advance,
Douglas Purcelle

considered new user, couldn't include links -- sorry