Reboot of Docker container has completely wiped all user files

I rebooted my docker container and now all of my files are gone, completely. Wiped from existance. Including on the linux file system. I have looked at the logs and it looks like the docker container just went ahead and reinstalled itself taking all of my files with it?? What should I do?


i’m not familiar with Docker and with the Docker containers. But i think that you maybe could help others to explain this behavior if you describe which ownCloud (the PHP version or the new oCIS) you are using and how you have started the containers?

For example i found the following:

which seems to explain that a “Docker Compose” file needs to be used for persistent storage.

I use docker compose and it was just simply restarting the container. I looked into it and it seems that my OS just failed to use fstab to automatically mount the drive again so OwnCloud could not find it’s files.

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