Recent banner logos

I searched the website for recent banner logos to place some owncloud promotion banners ( both square and rectangular) on my website, but unfortunately these are not supplied anymore. The logo pack has only square images, but not with any version information within. What did I miss ? - hope I picked the right topic.

When we relaunched our website we removed all old banners. Right now we did not create new ones but if you tell me what you need i'll set sth up for you.

Thx for your response. If I remember correct, I placed a square one containing recent version info ~ 200x200 and another one ~ 400x50 also including version info on the site I manage - even though it is internal only, quite a lot of people are accessing it and I thought this would be a good promotion.

someting like this?
(do not use this compressed version here, i'll upload it to

Perfect. Thx,
This one would fit here perfect.

oops, this one is promoting 8.2 ...


Maybe something else in these proportions ?

sorry for the split post, new user restrictions :wink:

Sorry we won't generate version based banners anymore as it would be too much work keeping them up to date. Maybe implement this via HTML?
I'm thinking about creating general banners though if you want.

NP, banners without any version are better than version based ones with outdated version number :wink: Of course adding with HTML is an option.