Recent changes to sync error logging?

I recently updated my client (MacOS) to 2.9.0 (build 5150). The reporting of sync errors seems to have changed. Previously I would see a report of a sync error for a Symlink as being unsupported but the folder was still showing the tick mark to show it was up to date. Now the symlink is reported as an error many times a day, every time the folder is synced, and the toolbar icon shows an exclamation mark to indicate errors. This is a bit of a pain as I can no longer quickly glance at the toolbar icon to be sure all is OK.

Two questions.

  1. Has the logging mechanism changed?
  2. Is there any way to suppress errors for symlinks? or at least only report it once per symlink. Right now my ‘Not Synced’ window is full of days worth of reports of the same symLink not being able to be synchronised. The extent I get the message “There are too many issues. Not all will be visible here.”

I can confirm that on build 2.8.2 (build 4246), which is still on one of my other computers, I do not get repeated reporting of the symlinks and the toolbar shows the tick. I also see that the ability to select what errors to report have been removed from the activity window. This is a significant reduction in functionality…

Future version will come with filtering, so you can hide those messages.

Michael thanks for the reply. Given this was not an issue in previous releases what is the time line for the “future version” as this is giving me palpitations when ever I look at the toolbar and don’t see a tick.
As the links are in my released application repository I have temporarily archived the framework files containing the symlinks but thats only possible for me as i am not traveling at the moment.

Work is tracked here:

It’s planned for the 2.9.2 release. 2.9.1 will be a quick-fix in the next few days. Not ETA for 2.9.2 yet.

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