Rechnungen per E-Mail an OwnCloud senden

Hallo Zusammen,

ich erhalte Täglich PDF Dokumente per E-Mail. Diese E-Mail würde ich dann als Kopie an OwnCloud senden, die die angehängte PDF automatisch in einen für den aktuellen Monat entsprechenden Ordner zb. “Januar” legt.

Gibt es hierfür eine Lösung?

Viele Grüße

Hello everyone,

I receive PDF documents by email every day. I would then send this e-mail as a copy to OwnCloud, which automatically places the attached PDF in a folder corresponding to the current month, e.g. “January”.

Is there a solution for this?

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I don’t know of any solution for this job. It probably could be done by writing a dedicated app, but to be honest, I think any kind of mail automatism should be done outside of ownCloud.


Thank you! I think we found a solution via Zaiper and Goggle Drive.
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I guess the best way to do this is a Sieve script: On your Imap-Server, you can have the attachment put somewehere where you can trigger any other script that “moves” the pdfs to a directory that is monitored by an owncloud client.

I remember faintly that had examples for such sieve scripts in its documentation.

Sieve is server-side scripting supported by all decent modern mailservers, thus it will work automatically in the background, no interaction or login from your part needed. And no data protection problems because of Google etc. since it’s running on your server.


On the “receiving” end, you could use inotify to trigger a local action - I am doing this with PDF, images and videos to prepare (downsize) them for later web usage. But my script is very bad, since I am not a coder, it’s the “worksforme” style :slight_smile: But inotify is simple, and I guess in the future the policy server of Infinite Scale will do this for me…

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