Recommendations for Syncing Contacts to Ubuntu Laptop

I use OwnCloud to manage tasks, calendar and contacts. I have everything syncing to my Android phone, which is great, but I haven't found a good desktop sync solution. I use Mutt as my email client, and don't want to switch to Thunderbird.

I'm wondering if there are any desktop Linux options for syncing contacts or calendar or plans to incorporate those into the existing Desktop Sync client.

You can use anything which provides caldav and carddav support.

As mentioned by hodyroff: You can use any application supporting caldav/carddav.
I found calendar applications:
Gnome Calendar:
Korganizer: (KDE)

But ... for contacts I only find Evolution (which supports caldav, too, and is an e-mail application).

I have tested none of them, using Thunderbird/Lightning/Cardbook.

Thanks @franzhartwig this was a superhelpful jumping off point. I'm tinkering with Khal for caldav support: and pycardav / khard