Recover calendar from an offline backup

Hi all, i hope this si the right place for my question, sorry in advance if not!

I had an old debian server with owncloud from 2014. Now I backed it up completely using dd to a mounted USB hard drive, and I have also a mysql bb dump as backup.

After newly installing the complete server and Owncloud 10.4.1, i realized that i forgot to export the calendar entries - and i find no way to transport the calendar entries, that still are available at my mobile phone (but a different “account”) and in the backup to the new owncloud server.

Is there an easy way to do it except restore the complete old server again?

The calendar entries are on my mobile, but I cant sync them to the “new” owncloud - since this are the contacts of a different “account”… Hope you understand what I mean and somebody has a good idea…


maybe you can setup a temporary ownCloud installation from the backup, export the calendar entries with the script below and import these again into the new ownCloud installation: