Recover password shared folders

Hi all,

I was wondering and ask one of you if it is possible to recover the password of shared folders.

We had provided some folder to one of our clients. But did not store the password.
Now one of them (new guys) are requesting access. The access is approved by the head of. But for us since we did not store the passwords. We do not have an clue.

The owner of the folder also not anymore since this is automatically saved for him in the browser.

So does Owncloud store somewhere the passwords on the server, if yes where.

The current users, can use the shared link, and work with in it. But for the new people.

No, passwords aren’t stored in plain text.

Just create a 2nd link for the same folder and sent to the new people?

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The problem with copying will be no replication. So if the second link people are adding documents, will it also be in the first link?

I recommend you try it out. Nobody here can replicate your environment as well as you, you could use a test_account for that :smiley:

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