Recovery advice (urgent)

Hi Everyone. I am the Chief Systems Engineer at a large game development studio.
Let me explain my issue.
We are running OwnCloud 10.0.9. During a recent audit, one of our LDAP service accounts we used for storing files on NextCloud accidently got removed.

I need to find a way to move the files from the disabled LDAP user to a local OwnCloud user.
Now here’s the issue: The LDAP account can’t be re-enabled or setup again without approval from a senior executive (out of the question. takes weeks) and the SSH login for the OwnCloud machine is lost, hence the ancient 10.0.9 version. (and the SSH password reset requires a engineer to attend the DC and OPS team are highly against booting in to recovery mode, its already a unstable storage cluster with ~13pb.

The Owncloud account i need to recover has around 500gb of data on it. Mostly in zips. - any advice to convert the LDAP account to a local account OR move the files from the disabled account to a local account somehow, from the database? (i have superuser db access)

Any advice is highly appreciated! I can probably convince management to ‘reward’ whoever helps me!

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It’s not possible to directly convert an account between backends. You could try the data exporter:

Otherwise you can just use the occ files:transfer-ownership command to move files between accounts:

If you extract files directly on the server in the filesystem you have to run occ files:scan:

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