Redirect & SSL on QNAP

OwnCloud version 8.0.4 is running on my QNAP TVS-1282T3.
I'd like to redirect the URL "/owncloud/" URL to "/".

On this site there's a great description on how to achieve this on Linux.

It is a two step process:

  • Editing the config file (/var/www/owncloud/config/config.php), which is easy
  • Edit the web server root to alias the ownCloud directory to the Web server root

Where can I find the webserver root on QNAP (On Linux it's /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/owncloud.conf)

Second: Is there a tutoral on how to implement SSL on QNAP?
Any help is appreciated!!

To me it looks like both questions are better asked at a QNAP forums as those requires people to know the QNAP system or am i wrong?

Furthermore i think its highly discouraged to use an outdated version like 8.0.4

Hi Tom
Thanks for your thoughts.
I think redirecting is OwnCloud specific, maybe SSL not so much.
8.0.4 is the most current version available for QNAP. It would be great if OwnCloud made an updated version...

I think the redirection of ownCloud is related to your webserver, not ownCloud and from what i know the QNAP packages are not provided by ownCloud. This package is probably created by QNAP or by a QNAP community member.