Redirect to login screen while working in web ui


this is my first post here because I cant a solution for this. Please excuse my bad english.

We are using Owncloud on a german webhosting. Since some months our users are logged of while working with owncloud. They were redirected to login page without any error message. I cannot reproduce this error, it occurs to many users with different systems and browsers. After reenter credentials everythings works fine again until the same issue occurs again some minutes our hours later.

.htaccess file has default settings for session lifetime. We had this issue with owncloud 9.0, 9.1 and now 10.0.3 using PHP 7.0.20 and now 7.1.6.

I had it some minutes ago with my own account. Clicked on apps and then I see login page. I watched with Developer Tools in Firefox, so I am able to provide some aditional information.

Request URL: https://myhostname.tld/index.php/settings/admin?sectionid=apps
HTTP Status Response: 303
location: /index.php/login?redirect_url=…Fadmin%253Fsectionid%253Dapps

No error in owncloud log regarding to this (only missing native intl extension every request).

I am not sure if this a known error with available solution, I was not able to find this. How can I resolve this issue?

Thank you

Have you considered contacting the support of this webhosting provider so they could have a look after this? Looks to me like something within the PHP configuration is kicking out the session of your users randomly.

No, I do not have session problems with other web applications (Typo3, Wordpress) used by different users, only OC. So I am not sure how I can told web hosting company that its their fault.

In settings -> security I also see old sessions. So they arent kicked by server?

Can I extend logging or something other to debug this issue?