Redirecting /home/<user>/ Subdirectories to an OwnCloud Sync Directorys

Hello everyone,

I’ve been tackling a challenge and wanted to gather some insights from the community. I have set up an OwnCloud client on my Linux system, and during the installation, it prompted me to specify a directory for synchronization purposes.

Now, here’s what I am aiming for: I wish to maintain the usage of standard home directories like Documents, Pictures, etc., but I want these folders to point to their corresponding locations within the OwnCloud sync directory.

I’ve attempted several methods, such as symbolic links and the mount --bind option, but haven’t had much success. The symbolic links aren’t supported well by OwnCloud, and the bind mounts, although functional, they are not working as expected, Owncloud client is unable to sync.

Has anyone faced a similar situation? If so, could you share how you managed to effectively point standard home subdirectories to a sync directory like that of OwnCloud? Any tips, tricks, or guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance for your helpful suggestions!

Choose “Configure synchronization manually” in the “Advanced configuration” when you setup the account. Then configure individual sync connections with “Add folder”:

Hello @michaelstingl and thank you to everyone taking the time to read and respond to this query. Your assistance is truly appreciated!

Here’s a brief overview of the issue I’m grappling with:

I currently have my /home directory mounted on a separate partition, which resides on my SSD. This setup was the outcome of a past experiment, where I tried installing Linux with /home on my HDD. However, the performance didn’t meet expectations, and as a result, I shifted /home back to the SSD.

The complication arises due to the limited space on the SSD, as most of my data is housed on an external HDD. I’m using OwnCloud, and during its setup, the client asks for a directory to synchronize files. I aimed to keep standard home directories (like Documents, Pictures, etc.) in sync with their counterparts in the OwnCloud directory.

The crux of the challenge lies in finding an effective way to seamlessly link or redirect specific folders from the /home directory on the SSD to the OwnCloud client folders, which are intended to reside on the external HDD due to space constraints.

Has anyone encountered a similar scenario or possesses insights that might help solve this puzzle? Any tricks or methods that could enable smoother integration of the OwnCloud client folders with the separated /home directory would be incredibly valuable.

Thank you once again for your time.

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