Release 11.05.2017

Hey folks,

last week we released a new version of the ownCloud marketplace with a few new features. The major improvements are:
- From now on, markdown is supported on products and on publisher pages.
- We set up a FAQ page (see, where the most important questions will be answered. This page will be extended over the time.
- We sped up page loading by improving the page cache building.
- There is now a contact page and a "Report this"-button on product and publisher pages. Messages over these channels will be sent directly to the marketplace team.
- We set up a bug tracker for any issues you encounter on the marketplace (

Also a lot of smaller features are implemented.
If you encounter any problems or have any ideas how to improve the marketplace feel free to contact us.

All the best.


wow ! good work mate!

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I am having problem while installing pdf viewer downloaded from marketplace. The same error or problem occurs while updating the marketplace.
Please help me out

version of my owncloud system is 10.0.2

Please see the app repository for support inquiries:
This topic is about notifications on new marketplace releases