Release 20.11.2017

Hey folks,

we're happy to announce that we just deployed some major changes and developments for the marketplace. In detail:


This took us quite some time but we're happy to announce that you can now set up organizations to control the access of their marketplace products. This is an important feature for environments, where multiple owncloud administrators control the installation of apps and updates. The product access, which is needed to install apps and updates can now be granted to an organization which can contain multiple users. This is done via the API key so no further configuration is needed.
For now mostly important for enterprise customers, this will come in handy for everyone as soon as the marketplace offers paid products and services (which will come anytime soon).
To check out organizations log in to your account and look out for "Organization" and follow the set up instructions.


To become a publisher is now bound to at least one app release. You can setup a publisher profile but it won't be public visible as long as no app release is available.
We decided to do so because there were too many publisher accounts with no further information. This includes also, that we removed the publisher role from those accounts, which were a publisher, but didn't offer any apps.
We did this to focus on the user experience to not get distracted by empty publisher profiles.

We increased the length of the publisher description, which was limited to 500 characters. This was often not enough to explain everything so now you will have enough space to describe yourself and your work.


Thanks to some security reports we were able to fix some issues and increase the protection of your data. Although there were no major security breaches or risks, we are constantly working on protecting your data.


We improved a lot of code regarding performance and speed. Many informations which got requested on every page visit is now cached in the local storage to prevent double requesting.
Also we streamlined many functional components and focused on a modular build which makes it much easier to maintain and develop.
Last but not least we included some major updates for libraries and packages which also helped to speed up the marketplace and makes it more stable.

That's it for now, as always if you encounter any problems or have ideas how we can improve the marketplace let us know on or here.

All the best.