Released: ownCloud Infinite Scale 1.16.0 Technology Preview!

Version 1.16.0 brings bug fixes, new features and progress for ongoing feature implementations like ‘Spaces’ and application integrations. ownCloud Web comes with a couple of usability improvements (e.g., breadcrumb context menu, right-click menu for multi-select). Infinite Scale has got a revamped config handling that makes deployments easier and more flexible. Additionally, it enables easy and fast collaboration via public links.

The most prominent changes in ownCloud Infinite Scale 1.16.0 and ownCloud Web 4.6.0 comprise:

  • ownCloud Web now provides a context menu in the navigation breadcrumb that allows users to conduct actions for the parent folder (e.g., sharing). web#6044
  • It is now possible to edit files with integrated applications in public links. cs3org/reva#2310
  • Infinite Scale now provides the API endpoints to manage Spaces (e.g., add/remove users, manage their roles). ocis#2740 cs3org/reva#2250
  • The config handling in Infinite Scale has received a huge rework to better enable different deployment and configuration models (environment variables, single config file, service-specific config files). More information can be found in the documentation. #2708
  • The right-click context menu in ownCloud Web now works when multiple files have been selected. web#5973
  • ownCloud Web now shows accessibility-optimized tooltips with absolute dates on relative dates. web#6037
  • Pagination in folders with many files now works properly again. #6056
  • The s3ng metadata storage backend works again. #2807
  • Improvements have been added to support more identity providers (e.g., Authelia). cs3org/reva#2314

You can also read the full ownCloud Infinite Scale changelog and ownCloud Web changelog for further details on what has changed.