Released: ownCloud Infinite Scale 1.18.0 Technology Preview!

ownCloud Infinite Scale 1.18.0 Technology Preview

Version 1.18.0 brings major improvements, new features and bug fixes to the platform. Infinite Scale can now send user notifications via email and the ‘Spaces’ feature has made a lot of progress towards its initial feature completeness. Furthermore, ownCloud Web comes with many design and usability improvements that round off the recent redesign initiative.

The most prominent changes in ownCloud Infinite Scale 1.18.0 and ownCloud Web 5.2.0 comprise:

  • Infinite Scale introduces a notification service to provide user notifications. Currently it can send email notifications for the event of creating a share with another user. The template used for the notification is basic and will be improved with the next versions. See the developer documentation on how to configure notification settings. ocis#3217
  • Spaces now have a right sidebar for Space properties like quota, actions and more. web#6437
  • Space descriptions and images can now be updated. web#6410
  • The readme for Spaces can now be modified via a lightweight modal editor. web#6509
  • Spaces now support thumbnail previews. ocis#3219
  • The design of the breadcrumb in ownCloud Web has been improved. web#6218
  • The “+ New” button in ownCloud Web has been split into “+ New” and “Upload”. The design and context menu have been improved. web#6279
  • The file list in ownCloud Web has received a number of visual and usability improvements. web#6207
  • The endpoint to list Spaces now supports sorting by name and last modification time. ocis#3201
  • The Search feature in ownCloud Web has been fixed and improved, e.g., the context menu works again properly (only available on ownCloud 10 currently). web#6445 web#6496
  • Creating a new file now refreshes the file list in ownCloud Web. web#5530
  • Further improvements have been made to comply with the URL scheme defined in 11. WebUI URL format | ownCloud. web#6363 ocis#3109

You can also read the full ownCloud Infinite Scale changelog and ownCloud Web changelog for further details on what has changed.

Breaking changes

Due to some breaking changes, the WOPI Server extension that is required for online office integrations (Collabora Online, ONLYOFFICE, Microsoft Office Online) is not compatible with the 1.18.0 release. This issue is under investigation and will be fixed with the next releases.

The archive download for multiple files and whole folders is currently disabled for public links. This issue is under investigation and will be fixed with the next releases.

We are currently in a Tech Preview state and breaking changes may occur at any time. For more information see our release roadmap