Reloading problem after fresh install


I've installed owncload on my directadmin panel, but after the login, the page keeps reloading.
"problem reloading page in 5 seconds"

errors on admin page:

i read the documentation, but they're lack of information.
I'm trying to install the newest version, and i'm using Php 5.6.33, phpmyadmin/mysql.

Version 8.2.10 works fine for me, but version 9+ gives errors.

Do you have root access to this server?

ownCloud does not have a documentaiton about "directadmin panel". I suppose this is a tool to install software on a hosted server? There are many of those and they have their own docs and support staff, I suppose.

I would like to help you get the current ownCloud up and running on a hosted server, the recommended method is a manual isntallation. But for that you need ssh access to your server.


I'm not sure, with what you mean with root access.
I can access my public_html folder with ftp.

My directadmin have something called "Installatron, where you can install things for your webhost.

Or i have to contact my own hosting, but not sure, if they can solve my issue.

It seems, that everything below version 8.2.10 works fine.

Maybe it helps if you explain what information you're missing in the ownCloud documentation?

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