Remote access to personal OwnCloud

Folks - apologies if this post is against any policies. But thought I’d ask. If this is to be moved to a different group please do so and let me know.

Remote Access to OwnCloud

Folks I know this is a much sought after topic. But I have not found a satisfactory answer other than doing some type of NAT or DynDNS.


  1. Is there any effective service that allows access to owncloud remotely? Would be good to have a list if available
  2. If not, would it be useful to provide an owncloud specific service that enables users to publish their personal OwnClouds for remote access?
  3. What security features would folks want from such a service? IDP + 2FA for sure. But sub-folder based access would still only be controlled by the OwnCloud admin itself.
  4. Would you like such a service to be enabled through an OwnCloud plugin?
  5. What would u pay for a secure encrypted service that connects to your owncloud server?

Please reply all or DM as you see fit. Once again apologies if this post seems out of spirit.

Raj /\

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