Remote Access to Seagate Personal Cloud

I have created 2 remote users on my Seagate Personal Cloud, so that family members can access home movies in my 'Public' Folder.

When one of these users accesses the required folder, double clicking on any of the movie files automatically opens up a movie player and the file can be watched.

However, the other user, when double clicking the file(s), nothing happens.

Is this down to the particular pc or is something else required to enable streaming to his pc?

When trying to access the files through S Drive, all the files can be seen, but when double clicking a file, media player opens but nothing plays.

Hope someone can help....


are both of the users using a PC and WebUI and the same Browser to access the folder?

Hi Dmitry,

Thanks for the response! To the best of my knowledge, both users are using Microsoft Internet Explorer to access the files

Would be great to know what they are using exactly, to reproduce this behavior.


Apart from the web browser and the fact that they both access the files via a PC, is there any other info that you require?

the following would be helpful
Plugins, Version of Internet Exploer, File type, Version of Windows, any extra software, version of owncloud, config report?

Hi Dmitry,

Unfortunately I think the info that you require is beyond the scope of the 2 users concerned.

I live hundreds of miles from them, so I cannot help directly.What seemed to be a simple affair setting them up as users, seems to be fine for one, but not the other. I'm fairly confident that the problem with the one user is down to their PC, but sitting here, it's difficult to establish remotely.

Thanks for your help anyhoo!

I think if you could tell them "Use chrome" or "Use Firefox" that would limit the Problem :slight_smile:

Thanks Dmtriy,

I'll give that a go!