Remote database backup

Hi. I am useing MiriaDB and OC We are redoing our backup stratergy and wish to backup the database using another servfer on the same local network. I have set bind-address in /etc/mysql/mariadb.conf.d/mysql.cnf but also need to grant access to the owncloud database to the remote server. Have done some googeling and know I need to run a grant comand and possibly setup a user. It would be good for someone to advise on what grant etc. comand is best and the comand line on the remote server. I think the later is somethingf like

$ mysql -h192.168.1.50 -uowncloud -ppassword owncloud > backup.sql.

to aid comunicasion lets call the owncloud database 'owncloude' , the ownCloud server and the backup server


You might get better answers in a mariadb/mysql forum - I see no real connection to owncloud in this topic.