Remote Upload Url

Hi, i don’t if this is the right place to talks, but how can we upload files from a remote url? i really need this because is more easier to import files! By the way, thanks!


from what i know you need to use WebDAV like explained in the documentation below to up and download files from ownCloud.

i dont want access just upload, for example i have a file in other server, directly linked, ex: - i just want to upload it on my server with remote url upload!


now i understand. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t think that such a functionality is included in ownCloud. At least i havn’t found such a functionality on my own ownCloud 10.1.0 installation or via an app provided at the marketplace of ownCloud.

You probably need to either write an app implementing such a functionality on your own or find some one writing you such an app. :confused:

hope the developer team add this feature soon, this is so useful.


if this is an important function for you maybe you can ask the developement team (via an feature request) at to see if there are plans to implement/add such a functionality?