Remotely connect to Mysql [error]

Hi to All,

I installed OC 10.0.9 from scratch and completely new.
At the last page of wizard
I entered the admin name & password, Because the web and database are not on the same server,I am using a remote database

After pressing finishing installation I received the following error message:
Error while trying to create admin user:Failed to connect to the database:An exception occured in driver:SQLSTATE[HY000][1044] acccess denied for ‘oc_test’@’%’ to database ‘test’

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My personal recommendation:

  • If those “oc_test” DB user you have can be removed (not being used, only by this ownCloud), then remove them.
  • When you’re setting up the DB connection, use the DB root account. In case of MySQL, ownCloud will try to create the DB and a new DB user with the required permissions over that DB. Note that ownCloud will access with this new user, not with the root account (you can recheck in the config.php file once the setup process finishes.

@IvanWongw , did you get any solution? I am facing the same issue.
@jvillafanez – I am getting the same issue. I tried even with DB root account but still its same.


sometimes a MySQL server is just not accepting connections from remote systems at all. I would have a look at the MySQL manual to see if you can find some information about that in there.

Completely true, so check if you can connect to the MySQL server from the ownCloud server first.

In addition, there might be more information in the logs.

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