"Remove All Files?" Dialog on Windows-Client

I am using for quite a while more than a year(?) owncloud to transfer files automatically from a remote machine to my local machine. The capacity on remote machine is limited and files are zipped and stored in remote owncloud folder.
On my local machine I am basically moving the files somewhere else for releasing the file space.

So far all worked relatively smoothly.

After updating respectively creating my new owncloud on webspace to and the latest windows client I am seeing the dialog "Remove All Files?" with two buttons asking for "Keeping files" "Remove all files".

How can I prevent the windows client from asking the question?
I have the settings under general, but there seems to be no entry.

This can be disabled with the promptDeleteAllFiles configuration file options as shown in [1].

[1] https://doc.owncloud.org/desktop/2.3/advancedusage.html#configuration-file

Thanks a lot.
Seems to work now.