Removed shared folders still showing locally


I’ve been managing an OwnCloud installation for a local company for the last five years or so. Everything’s working fine. I just have a little question on a detail.

Currently the installation is used by 30 users approximately. Some folders are shared between users. Now let’s say one of the users who has access rights on the folder deletes the folder and all its content. Here’s what happens:

The folder gets deleted from the server, e. g. it doesn’t show up in OwnCloud’s web interface anymore.

BUT: The folder still appears locally for everybody.

Is this a bug or a feature ?

Hi kikinovak,

Unfortunately I do not really understand if you are referring to the ownCloud Client or the Web Interface and how a directory (or a share) is removed.

I think it is about sharing/unsharing

If a share recipient has got permissions to delete files inside a share then the file will be deleted and not visible to the share owner or other share recipients any longer.

If a share recipient deletes the (root) shared folder, then nothing is deleted but the directory is only unshared for that user. That user will still find the share in the Files view in the “Shared with me” list. For all other users the share is still visible.

Then, I think, the information below is not relevant for you, but good to know:
If a file is deleted on the server (NOT using the client or the web frontend), then ownCloud would not notice that. You will have to run a file scan on the server with occ - see The files:scan command

Does this answer your question or is it anything else - if so, please be more specific.

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