Removing a logo and footer for dummies

I’m not a developer and I really don’t want to become one, yet I’ve been “asked” to deal with the Owncloud server. I did an upgrade and it went well with only a few minor issues.

First was the background image for the login page. When it was originally set up it was changed from the default. No big deal, just put in a new copy of the image file and renamed it to match the default image (deleted the actual default image), and the background is now correct.

But there are more issues. We don’t want the Owncloud logo at the top of the login page, and we don’t want anything in the footer. I really don’t want to have to go through all the work of creating custom themes and figuring out how to fix this there. I just want to delete these two things. We aren’t going to be making any other changes. Is there a simple way to do this?

The last problem is a bit more important. “Activity”" is loaded and initially looks good, but there are some documents where Activity is reporting the wrong modified date. It’s wierd because sometimes it’s right and sometimes it’s wrong. I got nothing on this.

All suggestions are greatly appreciated.


you have already opened a topic for that, please see my answer in that topic.

Never a good attitude to start a conversation.

“I am not interested in these kind of solutions, here are the solutions I am interested in”

Really makes it difficult wanting to help you.

You upgraded your server, then all the custom changes you made to your ownCloud were gone. That’s why the correct way to make changes to your server is to create a theme.

Are you planning never to upgrade your server again?